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October 4, 2022

The food service industry has gone through changes in recent years, both at the state level here in New York and nationally.

Back in 2021, the minimum wage for fast food workers in New York State was raised to $15 an hour, which was a hot button issue across the state for several months leading up to and after it was enacted.

But could that fast food minimum wage increase in the not-so-distant future in New York State? There is the potential it could and it could be kickstarted from California.

According to WKBW, the state of California passed AB 257, which is also called the FAST Recovery Act.

The bill could raise the minimum wage for fast food workers in California to $22 an hour, which would have huge effects on other states, and possibly New York.

Riley Lagasen with the Global Restaurant Industry Practice Group says this could be passed into law by 2023 and affect the entire food service industry in the country.

There is fear that this will allow owners of chain restaurants not to hire as many workers and production costs will increase, which will also increase the price of food for the customer.

Lagasen says we could see the same traction and struggles across the country if the $15 an hour debate happened, affecting New York state.

There are still some hurdles for California to officially raise the fast food minimum wage to $22 an hour, and for it to dramatically affect other states like New York, but there is a real possibility that could change the food industry once again .

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