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March 4, 2023

If you’re wondering why your commercial freezer is forming ice on the interior, you’ve come to the right place. A build-up of ice can be a frustrating problem that can cause the freezer to stop working properly. It also produces a strange smell and is very time consuming to clean. However, there are a few simple solutions you can try.

The most common cause of ice build-up in walk-in freezers is moisture infiltration. This can happen due to incorrect seals, faulty hinges or faulty door closers. You should also avoid letting employees leave the doors open when filling the freezer. Warm air can also cause icing.

Another common cause of ice on the inside is overcrowding. This can lead to an increase in humidity, which can result in frost on the inner walls. To prevent this from happening, first refrigerate food and then put it in the freezer. Also, avoid putting wet or cold food in the freezer.

If employees leave walk-in freezer doors open or propped up, this can contribute to ice build-up. You can solve this problem by installing self-closing hinges or a quality door closer. Alternatively, you can install air curtains over walk-ins to help keep moist air out of the units.

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