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April 21, 2023

Whether your business operates a restaurant or a small cafe, you’ll want to consider a variety of different types of commercial refrigerators to meet your needs. Some are designed specifically for small businesses and small spaces, while others may require a larger space. The best way to choose a refrigerator for your business is to determine the type of product you will sell and the temperature your facility requires.

Commercial refrigerators come in two basic types: walk-in refrigerators and built-in refrigerators. Both types have doors and are available in different sizes. Most have glass or stainless steel doors, and you can choose between models with bottom- or top-mounted compressors. Top mounted compressors are more energy efficient and are recommended for institutions or larger cafes.

For businesses that process perishable food products, reliable refrigeration equipment is essential. Without it, bacteria can easily grow and make food bad. A professional refrigerator can ensure optimal storage and consumption temperatures for the food you prepare. Culinary Depot offers an impressive selection of commercial refrigerators built to last. These units are highly efficient and durable, with multiple sizes to choose from.

If you run a restaurant or supermarket, you will need commercial freezers to keep your frozen treats fresh. Moreover, cold rooms are also essential for commercial kitchens. These types of freezers provide more storage space for food and can be custom sized to meet the needs of any food organization.

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