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April 21, 2023

If your business uses commercial refrigeration equipment such as a refrigerator, you may be wondering where to get rid of it. There are a few options available. Some of these options are free, while others may require an additional fee. Additionally, you should consider whether or not your refrigerator is recyclable.

You can send your commercial refrigerator to a local recycler. These centers accept the devices and dispose of them in accordance with the law. In addition, charities or local traders can also take used equipment in good condition. It is also illegal to drop them in the local area, so you should avoid tipping flies as much as possible. Commercial refrigerators and freezers can harm wildlife and small children, so it is important to eliminate them safely.

Before disposing of a commercial refrigerator, be sure to find out what recycling and disposal method it requires. Some refrigerators contain chemicals that can harm the environment. You should also check that the waste disposal company has a permit from the Environmental Protection Agency to dispose of your commercial waste.

Alternatively, you can contact your local municipal waste management authority, which is usually your public works department. They will give you details of local requirements. For example, some municipalities offer bulk recycling programs, and some may require a technician to remove the Freon prior to disposal.

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