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February 26, 2023

A commercial island freezer is a popular refrigeration appliance used in the retail industry. These units can maintain temperatures from -18 to -22 degrees Fahrenheit and are designed for the storage and display of frozen food. Many are available with sliding glass doors that save energy.

These units are larger and more efficient than domestic freezers and are perfect for commercial kitchens and gastronomy. Home freezers are typically smaller and are attached to the top or bottom of a home refrigerator. They are divided into freezing and cooling sections. Domestic freezers tend to be of limited capacity and can cause food safety issues.

Commercial grade freezers are made of more durable materials and are more efficient than their domestic counterparts. Commercial models often have a scratch-resistant stainless steel surface. Their compressors are more powerful and the thermostats are more accurate than their apartment counterparts. A commercial-grade freezer likely also has an auto-defrost feature and an audible alarm when the door is open.

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