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February 26, 2023

When it comes to commercial refrigeration, you have several options. There are natural and synthetic refrigerants. Both are safe to use, but natural refrigerants have less energy efficiency. For your commercial freezer, it’s important to choose the right one.

Natural refrigerants are better for the environment. They are much less harmful than HFCs. HFCs are commonly used in small commercial refrigeration systems. However, they have a negative impact on the global environment. This is the reason why carbon dioxide is a better choice for this engine.

Conventional refrigeration systems use two types of compressors, one for each temperature level. Indirect systems use a secondary circuit with a heat transfer fluid to separate low and medium-temperature levels. This type of refrigeration is often located in a separate engine room or at the back of the store.

Commercial freezers use liquid refrigerant to cool the contents. This process involves a closed circuit of pipes. As the liquid refrigerant is released, it expands and cools the air inside the refrigerator. It then turns back into a low-temperature gas. Refrigerant also helps maintain the appropriate temperature for cold food storage.

Commercial freezers use either CFCs or HCFCs. The freezer nameplate must specify the type of refrigerant used. If you are buying a new refrigerator, check the nameplate.

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