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February 20, 2023

A commercial freezer needs to be set at a certain temperature to keep goods cool. It must be at or below 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 degrees Celsius) and must have a seal to keep cold air inside. A broken seal will reduce the efficiency of the freezer and make it less efficient.

A commercial freezer should be colder than a commercial refrigerator. Foods stored at temperatures above 40 degrees can begin to degrade in quality. Foods stored at these temperatures will also promote the growth of harmful bacteria. A temperature below 38 degrees is ideal for most perishables.

The recommended freezing temperature for food is 0 degF (-18 degrees Celsius). This is the safest temperature for food. It will also slow food spoilage. The temperature of frozen foods should be at least -18 degrees Celsius, but your freezer temperature may need to be adjusted depending on the environment and other factors.

If you sell ice cream, you need a freezer to store it. The optimal temperature for ice cream is 0 degF (-18 degrees Celsius). Ice cream will not freeze if the temperature is too high. Be sure to check the temperature of your freezer with a thermometer. For walk-in freezers, the temperature can be regulated using a mechanical thermostat.

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