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April 18, 2023

When it comes to storing perishables, a walk-in refrigerator is a popular choice. This type of commercial refrigerator comes in many sizes and often comes with glass doors for easy access. It is important to note that a walk-in refrigerator should be large enough for the amount of products you store. Otherwise, the risk of overloading the unit increases and can result in poor cooling and maintenance problems. Considering the size of your kitchen and the type of food you keep in the fridge, you can calculate how much you need.

Another option is an under counter refrigerator. This type has two separate compartments: one for storing non-perishable food and one for storing refrigerated items. Bottom freezers may have swing-out doors or drawers. Swing-out doors are more common in utility units for consumer-facing applications. In addition, the lower part is open to reveal glass doors that allow a full view of the contents.

Commercial refrigerators are usually larger and run at lower temperatures than residential refrigerators. They may have more compartments than residential refrigerators. Commercial refrigerators tend to wear out more than home refrigerators.

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