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October 16, 2022

Join Total Food Service and L. Sashin & Associates on October 19th at 9:00am ET for Virtual Breakfast Session #26: “The “1” Thing Your Kitchen Needs“.

Unless you live in a cave on a remote island, you’ve noticed that the restaurant industry has been struggling. The health crisis, its resulting shortages, political fragmentation and general discourse complicated an industry whose sole purpose is to make the lives of customers happy. It is time we stop discussing what has happened and start discussing what we can do.

Join the pros as they discuss the 1 thing they think you shouldn’t live without. The one thing you could add to your restaurant/kitchen (or use differently if you already have it) that would make your task of creating “happiness on a plate” a little easier while adding to your bottom line .

The virtual breakfast session VBS #26: The “1” thing your kitchen needs is 19/10 at 9:00 a.m. Eastern. Our panel will be ready to explore both the given topic and any related questions that may arise from the audience in “Real Time”. The talk will be a fast-paced, sensational hour of interesting anecdotes, poignant questions, valuable information and, as usual, they’re always hilarious. No need for special tools, we’re here on your laptop, phone or tablet.

Register now, seating is both free and limited.

Our panel for the October 19 virtual breakfast session:

Virtual Breakfast Sessions (VBS) is produced by Total Food Service and L. Sashin & Associates. They are part of a series of Zoom, interactive roundtable discussions based on Hospitality, Foodservice and the chain of businesses that serve the industry. Using Zoom’s “Chat” feature, the audience has direct contact with a designated panel member who will direct any relevant questions or statements to the panel for consideration and response. We look forward to your participation.

Participation in the events can be accessed at the Virtual Breakfast Session event page

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