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May 9, 2023

This meat cutter comes with an impressive feature that sets it apart from most of its competitors. This machine has a dual-function blade and can be used for up to six hours a day, so it is an ideal choice for busy restaurants and delis. It’s even designed to slice cheese, so it makes a great addition to any great restaurant. The 7512 model comes with a NEW Low Friction Blade, which ensures that the slicer is always in top shape.

The Univex meat slicer model 7510 is designed to meet the latest NSF/ANSI safety standards, and is very durable. It has a belt-driven motor and a durable multi-position meat holder. Its blade has permanent safety edge protection and a sharpener built into the machine. The machine has a solid anodized aluminum construction to help redirect liquid debris away from the operator. It is easy to clean, thanks to the ergonomically designed handle and the ergonomically designed seat.

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