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May 21, 2023

The Genuine GDM-49 Merchandiser Freezer has an engineered capillary tube system to maintain an internal temperature between 33degF and 38degF. This unit features an attractive black powder-coated front and white aluminum interior. The Genuine GDM-49 also has self-closing doors and magnetic door gaskets. These freezers are a good choice for many different types of food.

The Genuine GDM-49-LDTSL01 refrigerator features LED lighting for a balanced, bright display. This energy-saving light also lasts longer than fluorescent bulbs. The refrigerator temperature is factory-set at 38 degrees. The refrigerator also has low-E double-pane tempered glass doors for an excellent barrier against outside heat. The Genuine GDM-49 LDTSL01 refrigerator is Energy Star-rated, so you can rest easy knowing you’re getting a refrigerator with a low-e rating.

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