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December 1, 2022

What front-of-the-house items do I need to start a buffet restaurant?

To start a buffet restaurant, you will need some key front-of-the-house items. These include:

-Heating equipment to keep food warm

-A wide variety of flatware and serving utensils

-Plenty of storage space for holding the food

-An efficient way to keep the buffet line moving

With these things in mind, you will be well on your way to starting a successful buffet restaurant!

Must-Have #1: Chafing Dishes and Accessories

A chafing dish is a must-have for any catering business. It is a portable, self-contained dish that keeps food warm at a buffet or other catering event. Chafing dishes come in various sizes; they are made from multiple materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum, or copper. They usually have a lid to keep the food warm and prevent it from drying.

Restaurants can use chafing dishes with various accessories, such as fuel cans to keep the food warm or water pans to keep the food moist. No matter what type of catering equipment you use, chafing dishes are essential to any restaurant or catering business.

Must-Have #2: Insulated Food and Drink Carriers

A must-have for any catering business is insulated food and drink carriers. These are essential for keeping hot or cold food at the right temperature. They come in a variety of sizes and can be used to cater small or large events. Commercial catering equipment is also available, which is designed for use in restaurants or other commercial businesses.

Must-Have #3: Buffet and Catering Utensils

If you’re running a catering business or restaurant, buffet serving is a must. You’ll need the proper utensils and equipment to keep the food moving and your customers happy. Check out our selection of catering supplies to find everything you need to make your next event a success.

Must-Have #4: Food Tables and Buffet Stations

Caterers and restaurants know the importance of food tables and buffet stations. A buffet station is a great way to keep your food options organized and your guests can easily see what you have to offer. Plus, it’s a great way to show off your cold food options! If you’re catering for a large event, you’ll need more than one buffet station. But no matter how many stations you have, make sure you have the right catering equipment to keep your food fresh and your guests happy!

Must-Have #5: Delivery Bags and Food Carriers

A delivery bag or food carrier is an essential piece of equipment for any restaurant that offers catering services. These bags are designed to transport hot food from the kitchen to the event site and keep it hot until it is time to serve. Wholesale catering equipment suppliers typically carry a variety of different sizes and styles of delivery bags, so that you can find the perfect one to fit your needs. Commercial grade bags are also available, which are built to withstand heavy use.

Must-Have #6: Catering Trays, Bowls, and Crocks

One of the most important pieces of catering equipment that you will need is catering trays, bowls, and crocks. These are essential for any catering business, as they allow you to easily transport and serve food items. They also come in handy for buffet-style catering, as they can be used to keep food items warm or cold. Outdoor catering supplies can be found at most wholesale catering suppliers. Be sure to check out their selection to find the perfect items for your needs.

Must-Have #7: Hand Washing Stations

One of the most important pieces of equipment for any catering business is a hand washing station. This is especially critical if you’ll be serving food outdoors. A hand washing station should include a sink, soap, and paper towels. This is beneficial for keeping everything sanitary.

Buffet Servers & Displays

A buffet is a self-service meal where guests serve themselves from a selection of food dishes laid out on a table or counter. Buffet servers are responsible for setting up the buffet, replenishing dishes as needed, and keeping the area clean and organized. Displays play an important role in buffet presentation, and servers must be aware of how to best arrange the food to appeal to guests’ appetites.

Display Cases / Trays

A display case or tray is a type of container used to hold and organize small items. Display cases are often used in retail settings to showcase merchandise, and in homes to store and display collections. Trays can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and plastic.

Modern Buffet Shields

A buffet shield is a modern way to keep food warm while serving. It is usually made of glass or clear plastic and has a metal stand that holds it up. The shield protects the food from drafts and keeps it warm for longer periods of time.

Food Warmers

If you’re looking to keep food warm at your next buffet or serving station, you’ll need a food warmer. Countertop food warmers are a great option for keeping food at the perfect temperature. Buffet warmers are also a good choice if you’re looking for a portable option. Keep in mind that buffet stations will need multiple food warmers to keep all the food at the correct temperature.

Commercial Carts

Commercial food carts are typically found in high foot traffic areas like downtown city streets, outside of sporting arenas, and near popular tourist destinations. These carts are usually operated by small businesses or individual entrepreneurs who cater to the local population. Customers can purchase a variety of items from these carts, including hot dogs, pretzels, ice cream, and sodas. Commercial food carts offer a convenient way for people to grab a quick bite while on the go.

Catering Supplies

Catering supplies is essential for any catering business, buffet restaurant or commercial kitchen. From catering equipment and utensils to tableware and drinkware, we have everything you need to make your next event a success. We also carry a great selection of insulating carriers and stations to keep your food and drinks well-organized and safe during transport. Whether you’re catering a small party or a large event, we have the catering supplies you need to make it a success.

Coffee Urns & Percolators

A commercial coffee urn is a great addition to any buffet. These urns keep coffee hot and fresh all day long, so your guests can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee no matter when they visit your shop.

Buffet Stand and Riser

A buffet is a meal where guests serve themselves from a selection of dishes, typically laid out on a table. A riser is a platform or stand that is used to elevate something. In the context of a buffet, risers are often used to elevate the dishes so that they are more visible and easier for guests to reach. You can shop for commercial buffet stands and risers at many restaurant supply stores.

Catering Supplies Primer

Catering supplies are split into two main categories: hot and cold. Hot catering equipment includes items like food pans and serving stations, while cold catering equipment includes things like beverage carriers and food bars. Buffet equipment is also considered its category and can include items like buffet tables and food warmers.

Catering supplies can be either portable or stationary. Mobile catering equipment is designed to be easy to transport, set up, and take down. This type of equipment is often used for outdoor events or events where space is limited. Stationary catering equipment is designed to be used in one location and is not meant to be moved around. This type of equipment is often used in restaurants or catering halls.

Many types of catering equipment are available to cater to all sorts of events. So whether you need to transport hot food or keep cold drinks chilled, a piece of catering equipment can help you do it. When choosing catering supplies, it is crucial to consider the type of event you are hosting and the number of guests you will have.