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December 28, 2022

French fries, frites, patatas frites, or pommes frites are considered one of the most popular aspects of the food industry. French fries are deep-fried pieces of potato, usually served hot and seasoned with salt, pepper, and dipping sauce, ketchup is generally the most common, but aioli, spicy mayo, and ranch are also popular. They are served in various shapes and forms; curly fries, shoestring, waffles, and steak fries are just a few of the many options. While fried foods are popular in America, french fries are loved worldwide. While french fry ingredients are minimal, and the prep work is easy, the flavor far exceeds the effort.

Tools and Equipment

The tools and equipment needed to start serving french fries at your restaurant are different for every establishment. However, most establishments require a fryer that can reach 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The fryer is used to prepare the fries by frying them in oil until they turn golden brown and crispy.

Equipment needed to make french fries; your restaurant must have the following:

-Deep fat fryer or deep pot for frying

-Potato peeler and grater

-Bowls for batter and for rinsing

-Deep-fry thermometer

-Paper towels

-French fry cutter/potato slicer

-Slotted spoon

-Drying rack or sheet pan

-French fry holder


Before frying your potatoes, soak them in water for at least an hour. After bathing the potatoes, dry them off with paper towels and let them lay on a drying rack so any residual moisture is removed. Then, cut them into fry shapes, this is where you have the ability to get more creative (waffles, shoestrings, potato wedges etc.). Next, you will need to prepare your oil for frying. You can use three types of oils for deep frying: vegetable, canola oil, peanut, and corn oil. When choosing an oil to fry with, choose one that is stable at high temperatures. Neutral-tasting oils are great for frying; some examples are grape-seed, canola, vegetable, peanut, safflower, which will not affect the taste, while corn, coconut, and sesame have a higher smoke point which causes them to leave a flavor on the French fries.

The oil should be heated 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit before placing the fries in the fryer. Once you put them in, fry for five minutes and then flip them over and fry another two or three minutes. Do this twice for crispy french fries. The french fries are ready to eat when they float and show a brown color. Remove them from the oil with a slotted spoon, shake off any excess grease, and put them on a paper towel to cool.

Choosing the right potatoes

The first thing you need to do is decide on the potatoes that will be used in your french fries. There are many different types of potatoes, but some work better for specific cooking methods than others. For example, russet and Idaho potatoes can produce a crispy fry with light brown crusts while baking or deep-frying them. If you want to make sure your fries come out right every time, so they don’t become soggy or fall apart when being fried, it’s important to use potatoes with high moisture content.

Types of fryers

Commercial deep fryers are used in commercial kitchens for deep frying food products. They range from countertop units that can be operated with a hand crank to large industrial machines capable of frying up to 2,000 pounds of food per hour. Commercial fryers can vary in use depending on their capacity and the food that is being deep-fried.

Restaurants have varying needs based on clientele, space, and quantity of food orders. You can choose from a variety of different types of fryers. Some deep fryers are small enough to fit onto the countertop and concession stands. Others are big and require more space but save time because they have fewer tanks than smaller models. There is also an electric version for those who don’t have access to gas hookups or prefer something that doesn’t take much room.

If you purchase a quality commercial fryer it is often seen that small countertop fryers have a 15 lbs. of oil capacity and can hold somewhere between 12-22 of potato fries per hour. While medium 40 lb. fryer can hold 40 lbs. of oil and 70 lb. fryers can hold 70 lbs. of oil. Typically, a fryer can hold 1.5 to 2 times the amount of oil capacity per hour.

Consider your restaurants needs before making the final decision on which fryer is best for your food service company. Cecilware is a reputable company that is popular for your frying needs. Whether you need a small electric countertop fryer for your brand-new food truck or a standing heavy-duty stainless-steel fryer for your large restaurant we at FSX have a plethora of different options. Here are some of our most popular fryers.

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French Fry Holder Guide

French fry containers are an essential part of serving fries at your restaurant. They are helpful around the restaurant as well. They enhance any presentation, communicate a theme, and are great for presenting plenty of other types of foods such as onion rings and chicken tenders.

Below is a list of materials used for french fry holders.

•           Melamine

•           Stainless Steel

•           Copper-Plated

•           Metal

•           Bamboo

Available on

French fries, french fries equipment, fries, fryer | tool and equipment needed to start serving french fries at your restaurant | french fries, french fries equipment, fries, fryer | 5

Pro Tips

-Salt after removing from the oil

-Oil should be strained and refrigerated after use

-Raw potatoes should weigh between 1/4 – 3/4 pound each.

-frozen potatoes are not recommended

-Estimate about ¼ to ⅓ of a pound per serving

-Use a fryer with a lid to limit the possibility of getting burned

– be sure to stay away from unrefined oil as it will not produce a high enough smoke point

– it is not essential to peel potatoes, but it is most popular, it is up to you and your restaurant to decide which way you like the best.

– Keep all the ingredients used in making your french fries at a safe temperature before and during service time so that they don’t spoil or become contaminated by bacteria.

– Drain the potatoes, pat dry with paper towels, cut into the desired fry shape, then soak them in a water and vinegar mixture before frying. This will remove any additional starch on potatoes. This water and vinegar mixture ensures that potatoes soften while also turning out crispy if they are prepared correctly.

-Idaho potatoes, also known as baking potatoes or Russet potatoes, are most often suggested when making French fries, this is because they have high starch, which makes the outside extra crispy while allowing the inside to stay fluffy soft inside