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October 24, 2022

Welcome to Delicious or Distressing, where we rate recent food memes, videos, and other decidedly unserious news. See last week’s about angry Dunkin’ fans.

The James-Corden-gets-banned-and-then-unbanned-from-Balthazar debacle, in the realm of celebrity food drama, is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Somewhat improbably, that gift is…still giving? Corden has managed to both concede to and categorically deny allegations of crude restaurant behavior, and some unlikely actors have entered the arena to say their piece. Most notably (IMO), the omniscient narrator of the Corden tale was none other than a newly launched Try Guys wife. Taking cues from the Dan Humphrey playbook, Becky Habersberger, Try Wife of Keith, observed Corden’s behavior like a fly on the wall and then dished in a TikTok tell-all.

Aforementioned realm of celebrity food drama kept us more than satiated this week: After much fervent speculation, Olivia Wilde slyly divulged the recipe for her supposed elixir of a salad dressing, allegedly so potent that Jason Sudeikis threw himself under her car to stop her from sharing it with her new pop star beau, Harry Styles. Also delicious this week—and a reprieve from all the spectacle—was a functional tattoo handy for measuring a teaspoon and tablespoon.

Mostly when I’m eating a Kit Kat I’m thinking about exactly nothing. That changed this week when a viral video revealed what’s actually in between the wafer layers of those snappy chocolate bars. According to the clip, some Kit Kats get broken during the manufacturing process. Instead of ending up in the trash can, those fragments are ground into a paste (with cocoa liquor and sugar), which is used to fill more Kit Kats. It should be noted that this scoop was confirmed by Nestlé, which makes the bars in every country except the United States. Hershey, the American maker dolling out inferior knockoffs, hasn’t disclosed whether or not its Kit Kats are filled with more Kit Kats.

The whole thing has been a bit of a brain bender. What was the original Kit Kat made of? Are the former Kit Kats crushed up inside of current Kit Kats also stuffed with…Kit Kats? How many Kit Kats are harmed in the making of a Kit Kat? On the other side of that trance, I kinda love this chocolate reveal. As the environment perishes it’s good to know some Big Candy players are reusing their scraps. Plus, all this really means is that you’re getting 100% more Kit Kat bang for your buck. 3.9/5 delicious. —Ali Francis, staff writer

James Corden banned and unbanned from Balthazar

I somehow missed the longtime murmurs that James Corden, a feel-good comedian who’s made a career out of singing with celebrities in a car, is actually super rude. What I did not miss, however, is the Instagram post from Balthazar owner and problematic fave Keith McNally banning Corden from his Manhattan restaurant for being “abusive” to the staff. Corden apologized and was promptly unbanned, but that was far from the end of this week’s news cycle.

Apparently Corden’s wife ordered an all egg-yolk omelet, shocking omelet eaters everywhere. Others used the opportunity to resurface a rumor that Corden once refused to help with his crying baby on a plane. Two restaurateurs defended Corden as a “lovely” diner to the press; one was the famously messy Todd English and the other was Stratis Morfogen, a New York restaurateur who protested the vaccine mandate. Corden awkwardly had to talk about this whole thing to the New York Times in what was supposed to be an interview about his new prestige TV show. He claimed he didn’t do anything wrong, and McNally immediately rebuked him. “If he goes one step further and apologizes to the 2 servers he insulted, I’ll let him eat for free at Balthazar for the next 10 years,” the restaurateur wrote on Friday. Finally, and please don’t ask me to explain this further, somehow a Try Guy wife got involved? But not the spurned Try Wife? It’s a mess, and I love a mess. 4.3/5 delicious for the amount of absurd gossip and food details, but 5/5 distressing regarding Corden’s behavior to service staff — Serena Dai, editorial director

Olivia was leaving. But as she got into the car, one hand on the wheel and one hand clutching a precious bag of salad dressing, Jason ran after her. Before she could react, he scooted his Ted Lasso dad bod under the car and lay underneath so she couldn’t leave—and couldn’t take the special salad dressing with her. This isn’t (really) fan fiction, but a story that Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis’s nanny alleged to the Daily Mail, which, while soap operatic, does sound like an awful and stressful situation for everyone involved. Wilde and Sudeikis have called the story “false and scurrilous.” Meanwhile, the internet has been obsessing over what could possibly be in that salad dressing because we have nothing better to do while waiting for the heat death of the sun. And Wilde seems to have responded, posting a recipe for a mustard vinaigrette from Nora Ephron’s famous novel about divorce, Heartburn. 4/5 distressing due to the risks of vehicular manslaughter, 4/5 delicious due to the vinaigrette that allegedly made it worth it. — Karen Yuan, lifestyle editor

Ever since watching The Bear, I will admit, I’ve been nursing a small crush on chefs with tattoos, like…as a group. I know, I know, I’m only setting myself up for disappointment, but I don’t care; it’s my destiny to fall in love with an emotionally unavailable chef who will break my heart. It was a thrill, then, to see a chef who not only sports tattoos, but a functional teaspoon and tablespoon tattoo on the inside of his palm. Whether they’re accurate or even useful at all is unclear, and, frankly, not relevant! I’m choosing love over skepticism! 4.9/5 delicious — Sam Stone, staff writer

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