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October 4, 2022


September 30, 2022 & # xD;

The catering industry is known for its high overheads, low margins and demanding customer service. Restaurants and kiosks are very limited due to their location, manpower requirements and lead times.

Speedy Eats is one of the few companies developing automated technology specifically designed for the restaurant industry. Their mission is to revolutionize the catering industry by creating automatic kitchen units to bring back convenience to a high-quality hot meal.

CEO and founder Frederic “Speed” Bancroft designed the first fully automatic drive-thru kitchen. Its system works, cutting off most of what slows down a full service restaurant: long lines, slow cooking times, and overwhelming staff. Each unit uses advanced technology and intelligent software to learn customer movement patterns, ensuring food is ready when it’s needed – almost eliminating food waste.

Speedy Eats patented, automated technology allows operators to customize their menu to offer starters, side dishes and drinks. Customers can stop at the easily accessible Speedy Eats on their way home from work. Since Speedy Eats kitchens are designed as standalone restaurants, customers may not even have to leave the company’s parking lot to find one on their way home from work. They can be placed almost anywhere in free space, such as bus / train stations, amusement parks, airports, music events and other unused locations.

Customers can order via their smartphone at the Speedy Eats location or place an order via courier companies. What attracts new investors to their StartEngine campaign? These specially designed automated kitchens can be placed almost anywhere. What used to be an empty parking lot can now be turned into a profitable business – one that can be run by one part-time employee. One operator could run several restaurants on his own, eliminating the need for staff, reducing significant overhead costs.

The Speedy Eats crowdfunding campaign is currently active in StartEngine. It has already attracted the attention of several new investors, welcoming more than 208 first shareholders. They have raised over $ 335,533 since the start of their campaign. Investors find the Speedy Eats automated kitchen units attractive for their ability to combine overlooked properties with modern technology to create a profitable space from a former vacant lot.

The fast food restaurant market was valued at $ 296.55 billion in 2021, while the food delivery company is worth $ 126 billion. Speedy Eats aims to take advantage of both, and their units can be placed strategically so that delivery drivers don’t even have to get out of their vehicles.

Speedy Eats will manufacture and sell devices to operators for approximately $ 120,000 apiece, while licensing the software through a monthly SaaS subscription. Speed ​​Bancroft believes each unit will deliver an annual rate of return for an automated kitchen & # xD;


You can learn more about Speedy Eats by visiting their StartEngine raises page or visiting their website.