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October 1, 2022

Steelite International is a manufacturer of tabletop products with headquarters in Middleport, Staffordshire, and offices in New Castle, Pennsylvania, and showrooms around the world. The company was founded in 1984 at Dale Hall Works in Middleport, Staffordshire. You can view the company history on Wikimedia Commons and read company history articles.

In its Craft range, the company has released a new line of tableware called Craft White. It is designed to look like authentic hand decorated crockery from the past with a white glaze and polka dot effect. Craft White pieces can be used alone or mixed with other colors from the range.

Steelite International has announced record sales of 94 million horsepower for 2014. The company is doing well in all global markets including the Middle East and the UK. The company continues to expand its production facilities. The company has recently completed a 2000 square meter extension to its Stoke factory to meet growing demand for its products.

Launched ten years ago, the Craft tableware collection has changed the way guests see tableware. The new design enabled restaurateurs to create memorable experiences for their customers by creating a deeper connection with the products they use. It allowed them to evoke emotions of heritage, comfort and the authenticity of quality ingredients.

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