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September 29, 2022

Steelite International is a global manufacturer of inspirational tableware and bar accessories. Made in Stoke-on-Trent, the Performance and Distinction collections are sleek, stylish pieces of impressive durability. They are ideal for everyday use and are designed to look beautiful in any home. For more information on the range, read the Steelite literature and visit the company’s showrooms.

A restaurant plate is an important part of food presentation, and carefully selected plates will allow chefs to present their dishes in the most exciting and creative ways. The Distinction range, for example, offers high-performance vitrified clay, while the Performance range consists of elegant and polished pieces suitable for a variety of dining occasions.

The Performance collection combines strength with effortless elegance to create plates that will withstand the demands of everyday catering. The Alvo collection is another top quality choice, with elegant curves and classic relief. With a whole range of colors and shapes, you are sure to find a plate that matches the aesthetics of your restaurant.

Fiesta(r) cookware is part of the Steelite International range. Its reflective glaze and concentric shapes create a striking display that will draw attention to your dining table. They’re perfect for serving sliced ​​fruit and grains, and they’re big enough to hold fresh salsas. Whether you want to buy a plate for yourself or as a gift to someone, this elegant line will surely delight you.

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