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March 10, 2023

Steelite tableware is known for its beautiful design and exceptional durability. The brand focuses on the foodservice market and makes tableware and bar accessories that will last for years. The company’s products are made of completely vitrified porcelain, which makes them an excellent choice for everyday use. This cutlery will last for years, but it will also look stylish in any home.

A great way to add style to your table is to complement the crockery with a suitable table setting. Steelite cutlery is available in a variety of designs, including the popular Crafts range. The Craft range has a textured finish that creates a rustic look to the table. The Taste collection includes cuts with subtle curves. The Performance collection features a collection that is more classic and timeless. Spyro cutlery features a subtle embossed swirl pattern.

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