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April 13, 2020

1. Port Orleans Brewery

How They Are Helping

While Port Orleans Brewery serves great-tasting beer, its owners were very concerned about lay offs, so they decided to provide free meals twice per week to service industry workers who lost their jobs, while paying local food companies for their goods, and employing restaurant people to prepare all of the meals. 

In order to do this, they created a non-profit organization called POB United with the objective of helping healthcare providers, first responders, film industry, artists, musicians, and those in need of a hot meal.

How You Can Help

If you want to receive more information and assist this cause, please visit their website or review their latest activities on their Instagram page.

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2. Blue Oak BBQ

How They Are Helping

Blue Oak BBQ is the place to go if you want to eat pulled pork and prime beef brisket in New Orleans. For the past few Saturdays, they have also been offering a free plate of food with a drink, in order to support laid off musicians and service people.

You can find their free menu on their Instagram page.

How You Can Help

In order for this restaurant to continue to provide meals for musicians and service people, please donate or check their website to order from their takeout menu.

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3. Fuel The Fight New Orleans

How They Are Helping

Fuel The Fight New Orleans has partnered with local restaurants to prepare and deliver meals to hospitals across New Orleans. 100 percent of donations will go towards feeding healthcare workers. 

How You Can Help

To donate, visit the Fuel The Fight New Orleans GoFundMe page

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4. Toups’ Meatery

How They Are Helping

Everyday starting at 3 PM Toups’ will be providing free meals to anyone in need in the New Orleans area. Toups’ asks that you call ahead so that they have time to box your food.  

How You Can Help

If you would like to help out, Toups’ is accepting donations through Venmo (@toupsmeatery), and paypal at at

For more information, visit their website or call 504.252.4999.

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5. Melba’s

How They Are Helping

Melba’s PoBoy’s teamed up with a local New Orleans law firm to provide free breakfast and lunch for Orleans Parish school children. After the closure of New Orleans schools, this team searched for ways they could make sure those students’ got the access to meals that they needed. 

How You Can Help

Melba’s has since closed their doors for takeout and delivery, but will continue helping to feed the schoolchildren until April 13th. They plan on getting back up and running after the pandemic passes. For more information on what they are doing for their community, visit their Facebook page.

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6. CureCo

How They Are Helping

CureCo has created a relief fund for the group’s furloughed employees. To donate, they are selling different cocktails that can be picked up from Cure. Customers have the opportunity to choose from five batched cocktails ($45, serves six people) and two individually-bottled cocktails ($10) with all proceeds benefiting the fund. Additionally, they are auctioning off some of Cure’s rarest bottles from their back bar, with the proceeds also going to support the fund.

How You Can Help

Learn more about donating to their relief fund here.

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If you own a restaurant or are managing a campaign that is giving back to the Louisiana community and would like to be featured, contact us via email.