March 30, 2020

Updated on 5/15/2020

The coronavirus pandemic has affected billions of people around the world. With growing infection rates, many governments have made difficult decisions to either restrict their population’s movement, close businesses until further notice, or even put whole countries on lockdown.

While the most restrictive policies implemented in the United States and other countries impact nearly everyone in the community, there are particular groups of people in need of compassion and support during this time. Healthcare workers who are working tirelessly to take care of patients, retail and restaurant employees who are faced with unemployment, and the homeless communities whose future is now more uncertain than ever.

Amid nationwide closures, food service businesses have certainly been affected by the current pandemic, but many are rolling up their sleeves to support these groups and provide meals. In times like these, everyone can work together to support these initiatives and give back to their community. Use the menu below to jump to state-specific community initiatives near you:

How Are You Helping Your Community?

We’d love to hear more about how restaurants and organizations are getting involved with your communities during this time of need. Reach out to us directly via email, or tag us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn with what you are doing to help your community.