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November 12, 2022

Slides: Recipe report: Bake something new

As the holidays approach, baking season kicks into high gear. Refresh your recipe portfolio with one of these five baked goods now or any time of the year.

Photo of the National Mango Board

Mango Monkey Bread

Fill the kitchen with holiday scents with this home-baked monkey bread, flavored with cinnamon, ginger and brown sugar. Chef Sally Camacho adds mango puree to the yeast dough for a tropical twist, and the gooey caramel base provides a brick-like experience. Click here to see the recipe.

Washington Red Raspberry Agency photo

Lemon Raspberry Coffee Cake

Chef Leslie Mackie of Macrina Bakery and Cafe puts a new twist on the classic Bundt or coffee cup with the tart-sweet flavor of lemon and raspberries. Frozen red raspberries, available all year, make it possible to bake and serve this cake in any season. Click here to see the recipe.

Picture of The Perfect Puree

Sparkling Sangria Cookies

Chef Toni Roberts of the Ritz-Carlton Chicago combines red sangria puree with white chocolate, butter, sugar and flour to create these melt-in-your-mouth cookies. The glittery floral arrangement will look festive on a holiday plate. Click here to see the recipe.

Pimiento Cheese Muffins

These delicious muffins make a delicious addition to a salad, a breakfast omelet or a fried chicken plate. To achieve the desired taste and texture, Chef Jennifer O’Brien has specified the Pimiento Cheese Spread in the recipe. Click here to see the recipe.

Recipe report: Raise the sandwich bar

Photo of Pacific Northwest Canned Pears

Pear Breakfast Roll-Ups

This quick breakfast is filled with canned pears and dried cranberries, then spiced with cinnamon and toasted brown rice. The recipe, created by Yvette Kagan of the Clark County School District in Las Vegas, is a student favorite. Click here to see the recipe.

Recipe report: Raise the sandwich bar


The department is providing $50 million for the program, which aims to increase collaboration between schools and the food industry as a whole.

Upcycling turns spent grain and other edibles into food on your plate—not in the compost bin or landfill.

The food comes complete with a variety of snacks and drinks.

The research team conducted interviews and outreach activities at hospitals in seven locations across the state.

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