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August 24, 2022

Chicago – Restaurant workers at every level of the business are essential to making the food served safe. That’s why this year, during National Food Safety Month (NFSM), ServSafe’s goal is to help everyone—from food handlers to managers—focus on the skills and knowledge that create a culture of food safety.

From August 29 to October 2, ServSafe experts will curate free content including checklists, white papers, posters and webinars that focus on essential skills at every level. These include:

“The dining public should know that restaurants take food safety training seriously and are some of the safest businesses people frequent. National Food Safety Month is a way to bring that to the forefront for consumers,” said Sherman Brown, vice president of business services for the National Restaurant Association. “ServSafe is a leader for more than 30 years in preparing foodservice professionals to provide safe dining experiences for their guests while keeping themselves safe.With this content, we help operators and employees strengthen their knowledge of food safety while telling the story in their communities.

Why press release is important in PR?

What is a press release for PR?

NFSM, held annually in September, was created in 1994 by the National Restaurant Association to raise awareness of the importance of food safety education. The 2022 NFSM is sponsored by Tork and Ecolab.

What is the purpose of a press release?

How do you write a PR press release?

  • To join the NFSM conversation, follow ServSafe on Facebook and Twitter and use the hashtag #NFSM2022. For more information and weekly resources, visit
  • A press release is an official (written or recorded) statement that a company makes to the media and elsewhere. We’re talking about the same thing whether we call it a “press release,” “press release,” or “press release.”
  • The importance of a press release It helps a company get its story in front of the people who are most likely to write about it. Without a press release, a company would have to rely on its network of contacts to get its story out to the media.
  • Why is a press release so important? Consistently distributing accurate press releases will allow you to build credibility over time with both journalists and existing and potential customers. It is especially useful for start-up and growing small businesses to receive positive words about themselves.
  • A press release is a short news item written by a PR professional and sent to targeted members of the media. It contains all the important information a journalist needs to create their story.

When should a press release be issued?

Usually, the purpose of a press release is to accurately represent and promote important company news. A good press release can announce a new product or a newsworthy event. The information provided in your version should follow the existing format.

So, here are 8 parts you should include in your press release:

How early should you send out a press release?

Create a stunning headline. A killer headline supports the priority of online marketing. …

What is the best day to do a press release?

Formulate a newsworthy angle. …

When should a press release be sent to the media?

Put your most important information first. …

What qualifies for a press release?

Make a brief summary of the main elements. …

What are five rules when writing a press release?

Add media contact information.

  • The best time to send a press release is between 10am and 2pm – this is when editors open about a third of all emails sent to them. Early mornings are less efficient: open rates drop to 20.5% between 6am and 10am.
  • When should you send a press release after an event? Post-Event Coverage For post-event coverage, send a press release right after the event. It’s likely to only be newsworthy for a short period—perhaps a day or two—so it’s important to distribute the press release during that period.
  • How far in advance should you send a press release? You should send your press release two to three weeks before an event such as a conference or store opening, while a glossy magazine presentation may be needed months ahead of time.
  • According to several sources, it is generally accepted that the best day to send a press release is Thursday, followed by Tuesday and Wednesday. These days were chosen based on email open rates determined by an A/B test conducted on the email accounts of people working in the publishing industry.
  • The best day to send a press release is Thursday when the average open rate jumps over 26%! The worst days are Wednesdays and Fridays, when even 85% of your emails end up in the magazine inbox.

How do you write a press release example?

Elements. Any information knowingly sent to a reporter or media source is considered a press release. This information will be released by sending it to the media. PR managers often follow a standard professional format for press releases.

  • Here are some golden rules to consider when writing your next press release.
  • Develop a strong story. …
  • Write a strong first paragraph. …
  • Write an attention-grabbing headline and subject line. …
  • Do your research – include facts and figures. …
  • Add strong and memorable quotes.
  • Here are seven step-by-step steps to writing an effective press release:

Find a newsworthy angle.

Why does a company send a press release to the media?

Create a catchy press release headline.

Summarize your story in the subtitle.

What is the point of a media release?

Introduce important information.