Nearly 10 years after Dieunerst Collin was involved with a viral video set in a Popeyes, the collegiate football player has signed an endorsement deal with the restaurant the clip was filmed in. In 2013, Collin was filmed in an awkward encounter at one of the chain’s locations, which was subsequently uploaded to the then-thriving Vine. All these years later, the clip is a viral meme thanks to the popularity of animated GIFs. Not just that, but Popeyes has struck a name, image, and likeness (NIL) deal with the collegiate athlete.

You see, Collin is fresh off his freshman football season at the Division Two Lake Erie College and earlier this month, he began lobbying Popeyes for a NIL. The campaign garnered enough steam, Popeyes not only saw the movement, but agreed to an endorsement deal.


— Dieunerst Collin (@CollinDieunerst) January 8, 2023

“A lot can happen with the power of the internet behind you,” Collin said of his new deal. “I can’t believe I can say I’m officially sponsored by Popeyes. Thank you to everyone who helped spread the good word!”

In addition to a new Popeyes billboard erected in his New Jersey hometown, the chain says it will involve the offensive linemen in some of its upcoming social media promotions.


Though the NCAA has traditionally been strict on its athletes making money, a Supreme Court case in 2021 has made it so athletes can now profit of their name, image, and likeness through endorsement deals and the like.