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October 4, 2022

Mrs. Betty’s Kitchen LLC, a new restaurant specializing in soul and comfort food, is now on Moraine.

“This restaurant goes back to the day when food was cooked from scratch,” said Steven Champion, owner of Mrs. Betty’s Kitchen LLC. “We slice and dice our sweet potatoes. We slice our cabbage. We make our greens. We make everything from scratch.”

Mrs. Betty’s Kitchen LLC is located at 4200 S. Kettering Boulevard in Moraine. The space previously housed Granny’s 4200 Place, a family-owned restaurant that closed in 2014.

Champion spent 52 years working in the food service industry in nursing homes, nursing homes and hospitals, where he learned everything from budgeting to ordering. He said he decided to open his own restaurant after a friend from his church, Revival Center Ministries in Dayton, died. He planned to move to Houston, Texas, but his friend told him he had to stay here, and if he did, he would open a restaurant. Almost a year after she died, Champion said he signed the lease for the new restaurant.

Mrs. Betty’s Kitchen LLC has “old school cooking,” Champion said. The restaurant is open from 11.00 to 19.00. Wednesday to Sunday with a rotating menu. Entrees include BBQ ribs, baked chicken, meatloaf, chicken spaghetti, oxtail, fish and much more. Sides vary from cabbage, collard greens and macaroni and cheese to candid yams and pinto beans. Champion said he also has vegetarian options. Prices for meals range from $12.50 to $20.

The restaurant was developed as a tribute to Champion’s mother, Betty, who was an avid cook and helped him get his first job in food service at a nursing home in Springfield. He said she died in 2015.

The restaurant’s atmosphere is expected to make customers feel like they are at home, Champion said. The restaurant has sofas and games, including checkers, where customers can enjoy each other’s company while waiting for their food.

He explained that his mother always cooked everything from scratch, which serves as his inspiration.

Champion said he looks forward to meeting the Moraine community and encourages customers to reach out if they have ideas for a new dish.

“I look forward to pleasing everyone,” said the champion. “To give them old school food cooked from the heart and soul.”

Natalie Jones is an all media journalist with focusing on food and dining, pop culture and lifestyle. She is a Wright State University graduate with over six years of experience in the media field.