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November 19, 2022

An allergy cream, lentil-based meals and a snack that fuses marshmallows with a classic cereal are among the latest foods and drinks this week.

Voyage Foods: Peanut-Free Spread

Voyage Foods begins its national retail rollout in stores with its Peanut-Free Spread, a product that offers the taste of traditional peanut butter without the nuts.

Peanut-Free Spread is a roasted seed spread that contains none of the nine major food allergens and is gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO. The product is also a good source of protein, calcium, iron, potassium and vitamins D and E.

Consumers can find Peanut-Free Spread for the introductory price of $3.99 per 16 oz jar at Sprouts Farmers Market and starting at $4.99 at other retailers.

Levana Nourishments: Plant-Based Meal Replacements

Levana Nourishments introduced a line of plant-based meal replacement shakes in vanilla, mixed berry, and cocoa and coffee varieties.

Nutritional shakes are 100% plant-based and made from finely ground, dehydrated whole foods such as hemp, flax, chia, pumpkin and sunflower seeds. The products are also free of sugar, gluten, nuts and soy and are non-GMO, NFC certified natural and kosher certified.

The new shakes are privately available to the B2B nutraceutical and functional food sectors.

Lentiful: Instant Lentil Meals

Lentiful announced the launch of its brand along with a line of instant lentil meals in four varieties: Savory Mexican Green Chile, Thai Coconut, and French Mirepoix and Sweet Apple Cinnamon flavors.

Portable plant-based meals are microwaveable with the addition of a little water, making them a quick and easy option to eat.

Slow meals are available for $4.95 per 57oz single-serving cup.

GODIVA: Holiday Chocolates

A few new chocolate gifts join GODIVA’s holiday releases this year, including:

GODIVA’s holiday products will be available for purchase on the brand’s website and in local retail stores.

Stuffed Puffs: Big Bites Cinnamon Toast Crunch

In partnership with General Mills, Stuffed Puffs just released their latest product: Big Bites Cinnamon Toast Crunch Filled Marshmallows.

Launching exclusively at Walmart, the new snack features marshmallows filled with crunchy cinnamon cream and coated in cereal crumbles.