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October 12, 2022

, /PRNewswire/ – Hyer, a leading on-demand job app that powers the gig economy, announced today that longtime food industry veteran, Kent Walrack, has joined Hyer as a strategic advisor. In this key role, Walrack will be responsible for developing and executing strategies focused on bridging the gap in the restaurant, food service and hospitality industries.

Hyer appoints food industry veteran, Kent Walrack, to key role as strategic advisor.

“Hyer’s impressive track record presents us with an incredible opportunity to work together to help shape the future of work.”

Hyer’s CEO and Co-founder, Dave Dempsey, said, “We are delighted to be working with Kent, as we look to further expand into vertical. As a trusted and visionary leader, his extensive experience and knowledge will be invaluable.” as we work in construction and construction. deepen the relationship across the food service industry.”

Walrack is a 38-year veteran of the food service industry who recently retired from Lyons Magnus where he served as executive vice president and chief strategy officer. He is also a recognized industry leader, serving as the current president of the National Restaurant Education Foundation and has also served on the executive committee as a past president of the International Food Service Manufacturers Association (IFMA).

“The pandemic has accelerated many of the labor issues the food service industry has faced for a long time,” Walrack said. “Hyer’s impressive track record of delivering on-demand work to companies in the retail, hospitality and warehouse industries presents us with an incredible opportunity to work together to help shape the current and future employment landscape.”

In a recent National Restaurant Association survey, 65% of food service operators said their restaurants still do not have enough staff to support existing customer demand. “Despite gradual progress being made in rebuilding the workforce, the majority of restaurants remain idle – presenting a timely opportunity for businesses to take advantage of new and innovative ways to get the help they need,” Walrack said.

Connecting a workforce pool of 255k businesses in real time, Hyer brings flexible, on-demand workflows to leading retailers, warehouses, hotels and restaurants through the app. Led by a team of industry experts, Hyer was launched in 2019 in Michigan—and today they have expanded their footprint to 27 states.

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