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April 15, 2023

You must take certain precautions when storing raw meat in a commercial refrigerator. It is important to ensure that raw meat is properly wrapped and sealed. You should use cellophane wrap that covers the meat well. This will keep the juices in check.

Meat temperature should be kept below 40 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid contamination. When storing meat in a walk-in fridge, make sure it has an accurate thermometer on the front of the unit. This is important because overcrowding can create a temperature imbalance.

You can also freeze your meat in small packages, which keeps it fresh. If you do this, be sure to thaw the meat slowly. When thawing it will release less liquid, so it won’t taste as good as fresh meat. Also, you need to write the date on the package so you know when to cook it.

When storing meat in the refrigerator, you must ensure that it is well sealed and separated from prepared foods. Keeping raw foods separate will prevent cross-contamination and ensure foods stay fresh. It’s also important to keep ready-to-eat foods sealed and covered in the refrigerator.

Raw meat should be stored on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. This is because raw meat can release liquids that can contaminate other foods. Also, spills can happen accidentally and lead to food poisoning. To avoid this risk, it makes sense to use separate compartments for different types of products in a professional refrigerator.

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