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April 12, 2023

Before storing food in a commercial refrigerator, you should pay attention to the use-by date or shelf life on the package. This way, you can really rotate the products in your fridge. You should also make sure to label the food in a way that makes it easy to find. Using pens and stickers makes this process easier. Foodstuffs that are close to their expiration date should be used before those that are older.

Store meat separately from products and food cooked on it. This will prevent juice from raw meat from contaminating other food inventory. Additionally, it will help prevent bacteria from spreading throughout your food storage. Color-coding your food is also a great way to stay organized and track sell-by dates. Using the “first in, first out” method of food storage will also help you prevent foodborne illness.

Temperature is another important consideration when storing food in a commercial refrigerator. Keeping the temperature at least four to five degrees Celsius will help prevent bacteria from multiplying. Using a thermometer to monitor the temperature is also recommended. Avoid over-stocking your fridge as this will prevent air circulation and create hot spots.

Cleaning the interior of the refrigerator is important because it collects dust and germs. It is recommended to clean the refrigerator every three months. It is important to use a hot soapy water solution on the tray to remove dirt and grime. Using a diluted bleach solution also helps in killing bacteria. Be sure to avoid soaking double wall glass shelves as this can allow mold to grow in the space between the glasses.

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