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February 23, 2023

Commercial sushi cases are made from a variety of materials. Tile, glass, stainless steel, wood, plastic and even plastics. The materials used to make commercial sushi cases vary widely and the decisions you make when assembling one will be linked directly to the look and feel of your restaurant.

Before you start shopping around for commercial sushi cases, you need to consider the following:

1) What materials are available?

2) How many orders per day do you fulfil?

3) Are you planning on making custom orders?

4) What price range are you looking at?

5) What features do you want from your commercial sushi case?

What to look for in a commercial sushi case:

Commercial sushi cases should be functional. They should provide value to your restaurant and be attractive enough to attract customers’ attention. The look of a commercial sushi case is essential because it communicates the purpose of the case. Consumers are more likely to purchase cases that appeal to their visual senses than those that are aesthetically pleasing.

A commercial sushi case should also reflect or be consistent with a brand’s values. Why would you want a sushi case if you don’t like making sushi? Why would you want a commercial sushi case if you like sushi? Are there other items on display in your store or restaurant? Then why not a case that has those items sold separately?

If the food is reasonably priced (and not too expensive), it makes sense to have cases with attractive food displays on them. But if the food isn’t reasonably priced and isn’t on display, then it makes sense for your menu items to be displayed separately on display cases.

The benefits of a commercial sushi case:

Commercial sushi cases, or “casing” as it is often referred to, are a popular option for restaurants in Japan. Unlike other types of packaging that are usually purchased from wholesale food distributors, commercial sushi cases are the result of actual production. Their simple yet elegant design makes them an excellent choice for restaurants and bars that want to showcase their products.

Their absence can mean detriment to a restaurant’s sales if it is not correctly chosen. Here at FSX, we offer a wide selection of sushi case designs with options for all different types of restaurants, such as

  • Sushi and sashimi
  • Sushi and other seafood
  • Sushi and vegetarian
  • Sushi and non-vegetarian
  • Sushi and non-seafood

The different types of commercial sushi cases:

There are many commercial sushi cases available in the market. Unfortunately, you might have to go through many advertisements before you come across the best one. However, if you are searching for the best commercial sushi case, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind before purchasing any product.

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that your needs may be different from others. For example, some people want to use commercial sushi cases for business purposes only, and others always want to use them for personal ones. Therefore, you need to decide which type of commercial sushi case suits your needs more and what kind of usage would work with each type of commercial sushi case chosen by you.

If we mention the most important things for a sushi restaurant, we must say that one must take care of food quality before making any purchase. The restaurant owners should take care of the food quality as they have spent lots of money buying and using it at their customers’ tables or restaurants.

Also, people who work at restaurants will get tired when they work long hours, and they can’t eat much food at one time because they have to do other things during their time at the workplace as well as there is some rush hour during their working hours so they can’t eat a lot just like when we work during our working times, also people who work in homes may not be able to buy as much food since they don’t have enough money, therefore, people must talk about important things while purchasing something like how much money each person has and where they live so that they can make the right decision about their purchase (on what kind of product they are going to buy) =>=>

The second thing that should be kept in mind when choosing a commercial sushi case is its price because many different types of cases are available, such as fancy plastic cases, wood cases, etc.

The third thing that should be kept in mind while selecting any product from a store or online is its size because not every product fits into every small space, which means it will only fit into small spaces.

How to choose the best commercial sushi case for your restaurant:

The average consumer knows that restaurants use commercial sushi cases to promote their business. However, very few people understand just what exactly goes into making the perfect commercial sushi case.

Here’s our guide on how to select the best commercial sushi case for your restaurant:

1) The first and foremost thing you need to consider when picking out your commercial sushi case is how much money you want to spend on it. A good idea would be to pick out something that will fit your brand’s image and be something your customers can use without any problem.

2) Next, think about the size of your restaurant and whether it has a large seating capacity or not. It may be wise to pick something small and compact to have space for them all in one go.

3) You may also want to consider which type of materials you want it made of, such as plastic or metal. If you opt for metal, make sure it isn’t too heavy so that it won’t break easily, though plastic is better than metal because it could quickly wear down over time with its high temperature and humidity levels.

The importance of maintenance for a commercial sushi case:

The sushi case is probably one of the most critical elements of a sushi restaurant. The commercial sushi case is the part of your business that holds all your customers’ attention. Therefore, it is vital to maintain it.

This article will talk about how to maintain your commercial sushi cases properly, but if you are thinking about purchasing one for the first time, here are some things you should consider before making a purchase:

1) How often do you need to clean it? Every second or so? – If not, perhaps it’s time to get yourself a professional commercial sushi case cleaner.

2) What kind of food can go in it? – Most commercially made cases have slots for store-bought sushi, but if there is any doubt or your kitchen knows exactly what goes where then perhaps it’s best not to use such cases. Otherwise, find one that has an automatic separation system (in other words: one that will turn off when there’s no food in its slots).

3) How long does it last? – Ideally, you should want the case to last forever, but even long-term cases might need cleaning once or twice weekly. So you want something that will last at least six months before needing major maintenance (like cleaning). You should also change packaging materials regularly. These days, supermarkets and grocery stores offer cheap plastic storage bags instead of paper ones, so keep an eye out for those if possible. One thing I do notice, though, is that most commercial cases tend to be wider than tall and, therefore, may not fit nicely onto your restaurant countertop space if you run into any problems with this aspect of their cleanliness.

4) How good are its components? – Make sure there are no loose screws in the hinge area where food might fall out; check there are no rusty surfaces; make sure the small pieces of plastic don’t poke through where they shouldn’t be poking through; check the quality of its hinges and their stitching so as not damage them; make sure none of the plastic parts have been warped over time because then they won’t take up as much

Final Notes

Commercial sushi cases are becoming more and more common in the restaurant industry. If a restaurant is trying to compete with other sushi restaurants, they will want their customers to come in and try their food — but they also want their customers to notice them. You can use a commercial sushi case to help draw attention and make the restaurant stand out from other sushi restaurants.

Although commercial sushi cases are only used when the restaurant is trying to attract customers, they have been used for years by chefs. No matter what type of business you are in or how many years you have been in business, having a commercial sushi case at your establishment will help people find your place.

A commercial sushi case is a large rotating rack that holds several different rolls, which can be rotated to display all the rolls available at your restaurant. Commercial rolls include spicy tuna, crab, salmon, chicken, and white tuna (maki). In addition, you can display different types of miso soup on a commercial sushi case, as well as sashimi and nigiri (raw) rolls.

So when shopping for a commercial roll at a restaurant, don’t forget about looking at the size to the price – there’s no good or bad size, just one that’s good for what you need! Also, look at how many items there are on each roll – if there isn’t enough space, then maybe those things aren’t needed!