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October 7, 2022

In order to operate an Atosa commercial refrigerator, you will need to understand how to use its controls. These refrigerators have multiple features that make them suitable for commercial kitchens. Atosa makes all its products in-house to ensure quality at every step of the process. The company is committed to helping people find the right equipment to suit their specific needs.

Atosa refrigerators come in a variety of sizes and designs. Some are small enough to be used in a small kitchen, while others are large enough to fit into an entire kitchen. They have digital temperature controls so the staff can monitor the temperature of the food accurately. These commercial refrigerators also have bottom-mount compressors to maximize space.

Atosa uses the best materials to manufacture their products. This gives their products excellent quality and a long life. They also offer an extra warranty on their compressors, which is a great feature for restaurants and other commercial kitchens. The warranty is available for two years on their products and five years on their compressors.

Depending on your needs, Atosa has several different refrigerator models that are suitable for commercial use. The MBF8005GR is a 52″ tall refrigerator with rounded corners and a stainless steel interior. This unit has a bottom-mount compressor, and the doors are designed to automatically close when the temperatures are less than 90Vdeg. It also has self-closing doors and a door lock. for safety.

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