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November 7, 2022

A Rock drink dispenser is a fun and unique way to serve drinks. All you need is a bottle of your favorite beverage and a hole to put the bottle in. These cool dispensers are also handy for holding multiple drinks. You will be served your drink in no time! But how do you make one? Keep reading to learn how! Here are some steps:

First you need a piece of granite. You can buy granite in four different shades, so you can match your drinking style. Then just install the valve. You can either buy one with a stand or build your own. Then cool the drink while it cools. You can even add a spout so that the drink stays cold longer. Whether you want to add a unique atmosphere to your surroundings or have an interesting conversation piece, a rock drink dispenser is the perfect solution!

Adding ingenuity to your party is an easy way to add a touch of southern charm to your drinks. These unique stone-based beverage dispensers hold up to 128 ounces, or the equivalent of twelve eight-ounce glasses. They come with matching glasses with eight ounces, a straw and a lid. The resulting drink dispenser is a fun addition to any party!

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