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May 21, 2023

If you are not happy with the size of the flame on your commercial stovetop, you can adjust the flame by turning the burner screw counterclockwise. Be sure to set the flame to a suitable level so that it does not blow itself out. To do this, the burner grate must first be removed.

There are two ways to adjust the grill flame: manually or using the thermostat. Manual controls are standard on most economy cooktops. They offer the least amount of control, allowing the operator to adjust only the height of the flame. Consequently, these griddles require constant attention, especially when cooking raw food. Operators also need to make frequent adjustments to maintain a consistent temperature. An experienced operator will know the correct settings, but a novice may need more guidance.

Next, check the burner gas holes. Some grills are equipped with bottom-mounted thermostats. These models are less accurate than the top mounted versions. Built-in thermostats are more accurate and provide better temperature control. In some cases the burners may not be aligned correctly and it may be necessary to remove the burner before adjusting.

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