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September 24, 2022

There are several options available to businesses for disposing of their commercial refrigerators. You can contact the local waste collection authority or hire a recycling company. The latter will have the necessary documents and is a good environmental choice. You should also check if the disposal company is registered with the Environment Agency and has the right licence. If not, you will be at risk of damaging the environment and getting a big penalty.

You can also consider donating the fridge to charity or selling it online. There are several websites that help people sell their used refrigerators. Some of these sites include Gumtree, eBay, and Freecycle. Another option is to place an ad in the local newspaper or post a “them for sale” postcard in your local store. If the refrigerator is still in good condition, you can also contact retail companies that offer repair services for a fee.

EPA guidelines for how to dispose of commercial refrigerants are strict. Refrigerators contain dangerous refrigerant gases that can be toxic and life-threatening. Refrigerants can also be a fire hazard. Because of these risks, the disposal of commercial refrigerators must follow strict regulations.

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