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May 3, 2023

If your commercial griddle is starting to look dirty and rusted, it’s time to clean it. You can buy a cleaning solution at the store to use on the griddle. You may also need a cloth or pad for cleaning the griddle. Once you have the cleaning solution, use the cloth or pad to remove the rust. You may need to repeat the process several times to get rid of the rust.

You can also use a metal scraper to scrape the rust off the surface of the griddle. This method can be time consuming and requires some muscle power. However, it can effectively remove rust. It also works to remove built up debris and grease that sticks to the griddle surface.

After the griddle has been cleaned with a scraper, you must make sure to protect it from water. Water is one of the primary ingredients that causes rust to develop on griddles. After using it, be sure to add an extra layer of cooking oil to the griddle and wipe it off. You can also buy a heavy-duty cover to store it properly. You should also check the surface of the griddle for rust at least once a month.

You can also scrub rusty surfaces with a paste made of baking soda and water. Apply the paste generously, and then let it soak for 10 to 15 minutes. Afterwards, use a non-metallic brush to remove the rust. This solution is effective for both light and heavy rust. You can also rinse the griddle with water and let it dry.

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