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May 15, 2023

To clean your griddle, you must first remove the griddle’s cooking surface before cleaning it. This step can be done with a metal scraper or by scrubbing with a cleaning cloth. You can also pour some water on the spot while it is still warm to remove the steam from the stuck food.

The gas range is made by Imperial and has a full size grill and two standard ovens. Its burners have an anti-clogging design and a low simmer setting for even heating. It also has two ring style flames and a full width drip tray.

You should clean your griddle and oven every day to maintain the best performance of this kitchen appliance. You should also regularly clean the grid surface and exterior. This helps prevent stains from forming and extends the time between major cleanings. Always rinse thoroughly after cleaning so there are no stains left.

Imperial Commercial Cooking Equipment is a family company that produces quality restaurant equipment that is built to last. They offer more than a hundred sizes and styles of ranges. Their ranges have a durable and heavy-duty design. These ranges are also covered with heavy grade stainless steel to increase their durability and weight. The stainless steel wrapping also helps keep the heat inside.

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