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May 3, 2023

After using the griddle, it is important to clean it thoroughly. This can be done by using a metal scraper or cleaning cloth. You can also use water and a few drops of dish soap. If necessary, you can also rub baking soda on the griddle’s surface. Always make sure to scrub the surface of the griddle in the direction of the grain to remove any food residue.

There are several ways to clean a commercial flat griddle. The first way is to use a wet sponge and clean the surface. After that, wipe the face with another clean sponge. It also helps to empty the fat drawer. After cleaning, it is also a good idea to dress the griddle with cooking oil. Do not use ice or water to cool the griddle, because this can cause thermal shock, which can damage the griddle’s surface. Room temperature water is preferred.

To clean the griddle properly, you need to remove the grease container. You can also use a grill scraper or brick grill to clean the surface of the water. When cleaning a stainless steel griddle, it is recommended to wipe in the direction of the grain. In this way, you will be able to clean the griddle with minimal effort and at the same time, prevent damage.

Cleaning your griddle regularly will not only extend its life but also enhance the flavor of the food you serve. It also helps conduct heat more evenly. In addition, regular cleaning will also increase the durability of the device.

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