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May 15, 2023

Using a measuring cup, pour a cup of water on the plain. Allow the water to bubble for three to four seconds to remove any accumulated grease. When the water is boiled, use a clean rag or sponge to wipe the surface of the plain. You can also use a Nemco scraper to gently run the rag or towel around the area. When it is finished, remove the plain completely.

Cleaning your kitchen regularly is essential for the health and safety of your food. It will reduce the possibility of food contamination and extend the life of the dish. Also, a clean grill should be warm to the touch, which indicates that it is clean. This will help prevent food contamination and flavor transfer, two things that are detrimental to food safety.

Once you have cleaned the surface, you can use a paper towel to remove excess grease and liquids. If that’s not enough, a sponge can help remove any greasy debris left on the surface of the griddle. Rinse the plate thoroughly with clean water, but make sure not to use water on the electrical parts of the plate. If the floor is particularly greasy, you can use vinegar as a cleaner.

After each use, scrape the griddle to remove any caked on food and grass. Make sure you empty the trash can as well. When the cleaning process is complete, you can coat the kitchen surface with a thin layer of cooking oil. Be careful not to use water that is too hot or ice because it can cause thermal shock and damage the griddle.

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