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May 15, 2023

To maintain the appearance of a commercial griddle, you need to clean it regularly. Once a week, you should wipe the surface of the griddle thoroughly. You can use a cleaning cloth or metal scraper to remove any food that may be stuck to the surface. If the food is very stubborn, add water immediately while it is still warm to soften it.

The next step is to scrub the surface of the griddle to remove any rust or other debris that may have accumulated on it. Scrape the surface with a metal scraper until the rust is no longer visible. Next, pour oil over the griddle. Use oil on the surface to remove any residue and prepare the surface for the next step.

You should also check the temperature from time to time. If the temperature is too low, the griddle can be damaged by the heat. Likewise, ice water can warp the surface of a hot pan, which can lead to costly repairs. For your own protection, hire a professional cleaning service to perform regular temperature checks and visual inspections. The technicians will also check the pressure gauges and amp readings for any signs of damage.

Cleaning a commercial griddle requires more effort than a home griddle, but you can still clean it successfully with a few simple steps. Before cleaning, you should first use a cleaning solution, such as mild soap and water. This should remove any remaining residue that may cause rust.

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