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December 10, 2022

The easiest and fastest way to make grilled sandwiches is using a commercial panini grill or press, whether you wish to offer an adult version of grilled cheese or a tuna melt. A panini press will help create the perfect sandwich in every one of your chef’s dishes. When shopping for a standard panini press, make sure the cooking surface and height match the style of sandwiches your restaurant creates. For example, if your chef prefers to use baguettes for their paninis, it is essential to have a long enough press to fit the entire sandwich into the press.

Most chefs use Italian bread like focaccia, ciabatta, and baguettes to hold up better while grilling them. It is essential to buy a commercial Panini grill made of aluminum or cast iron that is non-stick and durable to create a clean, evenly distributed heated sandwich. The Equipex Sodir-Roller Panini Grill Grooved Top and Bottom is an excellent example of a coating device. The grooves on the top and bottom create an enticing barbecue line from top to bottom, giving the panini sandwich and grilled meat a visual appeal. The result is a perfectly toasted sandwich with grilled meat.

Equipex sodir-roller panini grill, grooved top & bottom - 120v

 If your specialty is grilled sandwiches, which you make dozens of daily, a heavy panini press will help you keep everything in order. A Panini Press is a versatile cooking device that grills your sandwich and presses it on two metal plates. They work in all areas of application and use for sandwiches and barbecues for various tasks. A medium-weight Panini Press is an excellent choice for frequent use of warming tortillas, grilling sandwiches, and cooking meat.

Panini grills or sandwich grills press and cook the sandwich with its energy source. A commercial panini grill consists of two grill plates clamped to a sandwich or other food. The two grill plates are enclosed in a floating café-style lid with a handle to push the panini down. A grill plate is at the top and one at the bottom to ensure that the food is warm, roasted, and cooked evenly. It works well for a variety of other uses as well. Aside from the paninis, chefs use these grills for bacon, flatbread, veggies, burgers, quesadillas, omelets, chicken breasts, and fish.

If you select a Panini Press with an adjustable floating hinge, you can prepare food up to the thickness of a hamburger, steak, or sandwich. A panini grill with a floating hinge means that you can customize the top of the plate to suit any thinning of food. Some meals, such as burritos and quesadillas, may look strange without grill marks, so panini presses can be a good option when making them. A Panini press is helpful in a kitchen that only offers an occasional heated sandwich. It works by holding the two pieces of bread together while cooking by another piece of kitchen equipment, often a frying pan. If the unit has a flat bottom plate and ribs on the top plate, you will get some excellent barbecue marks on a café-style panini press.

Equipex majestic panini grill w/ vitro-ceramic plates - 240v

A notable example of a durable Panini Maker is the Equipex Sodir-Roller Panini Grill Flat Top and Bottom.  Sandwiches are perfect for anything that sizzles on a traditional grill, such as burgers, vegetables, and chicken. The design of the panini maker is to toast sandwiches of any thickness, so your options are less limited. While traditional plates are excellent for classic sandwiches, chefs often use smooth panini grill plates for cooking sandwiches and toasting bread faster. Grooved platters offer a grill line that appeals to us when it comes to sandwiches. Groove plates, like traditional grills, are great for sandwiches and pizzas where you’d like to see barbecue brands.

Cast iron grills typically make up most commercially available panini grills. Also, these grills are very neutral and tend to go with any kitchen style; these grills are incredibly durable and have a long life. High Heat PTFE is a non-stick film clamped to the grill plate and is clean after each use. Cast iron plates are also resistant to sticks, so there is no risk of food sticking. If you choose to purchase an aluminum plate, be sure to spay the commercial grill to prevent anything from sticking to the grill.

The Panini Grill is the perfect kitchen appliance for making warm, savory sandwiches that customers order for lunch or light takeaway lunches. The endless variety of ingredients that play a role in paninis and other pressed sandwiches make commercial panini grills the perfect complement to any commercial kitchen. Because panini grills and presses are versatile and can cook many different items aside from sandwiches, they are critical for every commercial kitchen.