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September 5, 2022

The Bizerba slicer is a commercially available piece of technical equipment for cutting food. It is designed to feed, slice and deliver the product according to a preset program. There are two versions of the Bizerba cutting machine: the lay-off table version, with a carriage of 200 mm, and the high-speed cutter, with a carriage of 600 mm.

To maintain your Bizerba slicer, you need to re-sharpen the blades. This is necessary when the cutting results are not satisfactory. The sharpening intervals vary depending on the type of product and the condition of the blade. If your cutting blades need sharpening, you can purchase new sharpening stones from Bizerba’s customer support. Note that whetstones are different from whetstones.

First remove the product from the feed trolley. Usually the slicer has a cleaning station and a grinding station. Pressing the Clean button displays the cleaning settings and feed thickness. After cleaning, you should use the cleaning agent and allow it to air dry. Also make sure that the cutting blade is clean and does not have mineral build-up from grinding stones. Once the blade is clean and ready for use, you can move on to the next step: the cutting process.

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