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October 1, 2022

Apple juice, fresh or commercial, has a limited shelf life. It can last anywhere from a few days to a week in the refrigerator, but can last up to nine months if it’s canned. It is best consumed within a week or so after it is prepared.

Commercial apple juice usually comes with an expiration date, which is usually found on the label. This date indicates how long the juice must keep its freshness. While an open bottle can keep juice fresh for a few days or even a week, it should be discarded if it smells or looks funny.

There are several signs that apple juice has gone bad. The smell and taste of the juice will be dull and the color of the juice will change. A carton may also begin to give off a sour or alcoholic odor. However, commercial apple juice that has not been opened is safe to drink.

Unopened juice should be thrown away after two years. If you have recently opened it, however, the juice should still be consumed within a week. However, if the juice has been frozen, you can keep it for up to a year. If you have prepared your own juice, the shelf life is much shorter.

When shopping for commercial apple juice, look for a juice that isn’t full of preservatives or contains added sugars. Also, make sure the bottle does not contain vitamin C or other additives. Also, look for products that are shelf stable. These will last longer in the refrigerator than other types of juices.

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