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May 9, 2023

Seasoning a commercial griddle is the process of preparing the surface of a griddle for cooking. The process creates a layer of oil on the griddle, which prevents food from sticking and protects the metal surface from corrosion. To season your griddle, start by heating it to its highest setting. Sprinkle the metal surface with salt, which is a good abrasive. The salt prepares the griddle surface for the oil.

For best results, rinse the griddle thoroughly after each use. Then wipe the surface of the griddle with a damp microfiber cloth. Remember to dry it completely before seasoning. If the heating plate is not completely dry after cleaning, the residual moisture will cause rust.

Once the griddle is clean, apply a light coat of cooking oil or degreaser. This will protect the surface from rust and damage from abrasive materials. The seasoning process should be done regularly. In addition, it is important to remove all traces of food residue and oil from the cooking surface.

In addition to preserving the surface, seasoning also helps prevent corrosion. The oil and fat used for seasoning transfer their flavor to cooked foods. Once the griddle is seasoned, it will last longer and work more efficiently.

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