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September 29, 2022

The first step in cleaning a commercial refrigerator is to remove all of its contents. Then thoroughly clean the inside of the refrigerator to remove all visible dirt. Use a 5 percent bleach solution and then wipe with dish soap and water. This method also helps to remove any items that may be moldy, discolored, or expired. This will prevent these items from re-entering the commercial refrigerator.

Commercial refrigerators are vital for many businesses. They help maintain the temperature and freshness of food and drink. A broken refrigerator can result in spoiled food or frozen food, resulting in lost revenue. Additionally, a damaged refrigerator can cost thousands of dollars in repair costs and can cause a lot of inventory loss.

Avoid using pure bleach when cleaning a commercial refrigerator. The chemical is known to be extremely toxic and can easily damage refrigerator components. It will remove bacteria and mold, but it can also destroy the internal components of the unit. To avoid possible damage during the process, be sure to turn off the refrigerator. You can also check the condenser coil on the back of the unit.

A dirty commercial refrigerator is not only dirty, it can also cause bacteria to grow. Due to the bacteria that develop inside, the refrigerator will use more electricity and reduce its lifespan. Keeping it clean is essential to keeping your customers and staff healthy.

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