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November 11, 2022

Scholarships support students with military backgrounds pursuing careers in the culinary arts or foodservice management program

, /PRNewswire/ — Hormel Foods Corporation (NYSE: HRL), a Fortune 500 globally branded food company, today announced the recipients of this year’s two $10,000 Hormel Heroes Scholarships. The Hormel Heroes Scholarship Program was created by Hormel Foods to support students with military backgrounds pursuing a degree in culinary arts or a food service management program. It is administered by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF).

“At Hormel Foods, we believe in accessible education and are honored to support our military members in their career aspirations as a thank you for their service,” said Mark Ourada, group vice president of Foodservice at Hormel Foods. “These scholarships are a small way to show our appreciation to students who serve or have served our country and are pursuing careers in the food service industry. It is our pleasure to announce this year’s scholarship recipients, Kristal Qualls and Rose Picard, congratulations. Thank you for your dedicated service, and good luck in all your future endeavours.”

Qualls has been an active member of the US military for the past two years. She is in her second year of her bachelor’s degree at Vincennes University majoring in culinary arts with a concentration in baking and pastry arts. Her goal is to positively impact those who have the passion and drive to learn about the culinary industry through accessibility and equitable programs. Qualls hopes to one day open a restaurant with a bakery.

“The positive impact I want to make in the industry is to help others who are less fortunate. I want to give people an opportunity, not based on how they look or where they have worked, but through their drive, their passion and how willing to learn things,” Qualls said. “I believe some people are overlooked because they may not have as much work experience as the next person, but they have the drive and sometimes they get better than the person who does the has experience. I also want to include a work-study program for college and/or high school students to help them earn college credits and have a steady income, which will help relieve the stress of money and shorten their time in college. This will also help with tuition costs.”

Picard is a military veteran who served as a sergeant first class in the United States Army, United States Army Reserve and National Guard. She is currently in her final year of her bachelor’s degree at The Culinary Institute of America majoring in applied nutrition studies with a concentration in baking and pastry. She is working towards her goal of becoming a baking instructor at the university level. Picard is a second time recipient of a Hormel Heroes grant.

“I aspire to be accepted into an instructor position at a college or university so that I can teach aspiring culinarians the art of baking and pastry. I had the opportunity in the military to teach the young soldiers serving as 92Gs (food service specialists) Picard said. “I fell in love with teaching when I was an advanced culinary instructor at the Fort Lee, Va. facility. This degree will be the ultimate reflection of my life’s work. I feel humbled when I think about my life and see myself accepted to The Culinary Institute of America.”

Recipients of Hormel Heroes Scholarships are traditionally announced on or around America’s Veterans Day to pay special attention to the men and women who have served in the United States military. Hormel Foods has a long tradition of championing veterans and supporting active-duty military personnel dating back to its early days and the company’s founder, George A. Hormel.

“The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation is proud to support the culinary aspirations of heroes like Kristal and Rose as they transition into civilian careers. We are incredibly grateful to partners like Hormel Foods, who share our commitment to empowering American veterans with resources to provide the necessary training and education to build a career in our industry,” said Rob Gifford, president of the NRAEF. “This Veterans Day, we join Hormel Foods to greet and thank our heroes for their services to our country.”

ABOUT HORMEL FOODS — Inspired People. Inspired Food.™Hormel Foods Corporation, based in Austin, Minnesota, is a global branded food company with annual sales of more than $11 billion in more than 80 countries around the world. Its brands include Planters®, SKIPPY®, SPAM®, Hormel® Natural Choice®, Applegate®, Justin’s®, WHOLLY®, Hormel® Black Label®, Columbus®, Jennie-O® and more than 30 other beloved brands. The company is a member of the S&P 500 Index and the S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats, was named for three years by Forbes Magazine on its list of “Global 2000 World’s Best Employers”, is one of Fortune Magazine’s most admired companies, has appeared 13 times on 3BL Media’s “100 Best Corporate Citizens” list and has received numerous other awards and accolades for his efforts in corporate social responsibility and community service. The company lives by its purpose statement – Inspired People. Inspired Food.™ — to bring some of the world’s most trusted and iconic brands to tables around the world. For more information, visit and

ABOUT THE NATIONAL RESTAURANT ASSOCIATION EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION (NRAEF) As a philanthropic foundation of the National Restaurant Association, the mission of the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF) of service to the public is to improve the industry’s training and education, career development and community engagement efforts. The NRAEF and its programs work to attract, empower, and advance the restaurant and food service workforce of today and tomorrow. NRAEF programs include: ProStart® – a high school career and technical education program; Restaurant Ready – partnering with community organizations to provide “underprivileged youth” with skills training and jobs; Military – helping military servicemen and women transfer their skills into restaurant and food service careers; Scholarships – financial aid for students pursuing restaurant, food service, and hospitality degrees; and the Restaurant & Hospitality Leadership Center (RHLC) – accredited internship programs designed to build the careers of service professionals. For more information about the NRAEF, visit

Click here for the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation’s 2021 Annual Impact Report.

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What major food companies in U.S. are owned by China?

Smithfield Foods, America’s largest pork producer, has brands such as Smithfield and Cook’s in its portfolio. The Chinese WH Group, then known as Shuanghui International Holdings, is the world’s largest pork producer, purchasing Smithfield Foods for $4.7 billion (£3.4 billion) in 2013.

Is GE owned by China? GE Appliances is an American manufacturer of home appliances based in Louisville, Kentucky. It has been largely owned by Chinese multinational home appliance company Haier since 2016.

Which US companies are foreign owned? These are 10 classic American brands that are foreign-owned.

  • Lucky shot. â ¢ Founded: 1871. â ¢ Industry: Tobacco. …
  • Budweiser. â ¢ Founded: 1852. â ¢ Industry: Beverages. …
  • Vaseline. â ¢ Founded: 1876. …
  • Good humor. â ¢ Founded: 1923. …
  • Hellmanns. â ¢ Founded: 1913. …
  • purina. â ¢ Founded: 1894. …
  • that of the French. â ¢ Founded: 1876. …
  • frigidaire. â ¢ Founded: 1918.

How many companies in the United States are owned by China?

According to the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission, there were 261 Chinese companies listed in the US with a combined market value of $1.3 trillion as of March 2022.

Are US companies pulling out of China? There has been a slight rebound in US companies that have moved their operations out of China, especially recently, given the continuing trade tensions between the two countries.

Which American companies are there in China? Retailers such as Walmart (WMT), Trader Joe’s and Home Depot (HD) operate there. China is also an important source of income for many multinational apparel companies such as Nike (NKE), Gucci and Abercrombie & Fitch.

How many companies does China have in the US?

Here is a table of Chinese companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ and NYSE American, the three largest US exchanges. As of September 30, 2022, there were 262 Chinese companies listed on these US exchanges with a total market capitalization of $775 billion.

How much does China own in the United States? China, which holds an estimated $972 billion in US Treasuries, is the number two investor among foreign governments.

How many businesses are owned by the Chinese?

Chinese owned 528,702 companies (27.6 percent) and had revenues of $210.1 billion (30.0 percent). Filipinos owned 193,336 companies (10.1 percent), with revenues of $25.8 billion (3.7 percent). Japan owned 119,163 companies (6.2 percent), with revenues of $44.2 billion (6.3 percent).

How many companies does China have?

How many state-owned companies in China? State Council (Central Government) SASAC currently oversees 97 central companies.

What US food companies are owned by China?

Is CVS owned by China? CVS Pharmacy, Inc. is an American retail company.

Does Kraft Heinz own Hormel?

Kraft Heinz announced Thursday that it has sold its Planters and other nuts business to Spammaker Hormel for $3.35 billion.

Does Hormel own Heinz? UPDATE: June 7, 2021: Hormel Foods said it has completed the purchase of Kraft Heinz’s Planters snacknut portfolio for $3.35 billion.

Is Hormel an American company? Hormel Foods Corporation is an American food processing company founded in 1891 in Austin, Minnesota, by George A. Hormel as George A. Hormel & Company.

Is Hormel A Tyson brand?


Is Hormel Foods a public company?

Yes. We are traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol HRL.

Who Owns Hormel Now? That’s because of the Hormel Foundation, a non-profit organization founded in 1941 by company founder George Hormel and his son Jay. Along with affiliated entities, the foundation owns 48% of Hormel’s stock, making it by far the company’s largest shareholder.

When did Hormel Foods go public? Hormel & Co. became a limited liability company in 1928.

How many shares of Hormel Foods are there?

Shares outstanding of Hormel Foods 2021 were 0.548 billion, up 0.18% from 2020.

How many times has Hormel’s stock split? Hormel Foods (HRL) has 4 splits in our Hormel Foods stock splits database. The first split for HRL took place on February 21, 1990. This was a 2 for 1 split, meaning that for every share of HRL owned before the split, the shareholder now owned 2 shares.

Is Hormel a private company?

Hormel Foods is a publicly traded, global branded food company on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:HRL). The company is headquartered in Austin, Minnesota and has more than 30 manufacturing facilities in the United States.

What kind of company is Hormel? Hormel Foods Corp (Hormel Foods) is a meat and food processing company. The company primarily offers fresh meats, frozen foods, refrigerated meal solutions, sausages, hams, guacamole and bacon.

How do they eat Spam in Hawaii?

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C’est quoi la viande spam? How fast is the SPAM? SPAM is used to preserve a brand of viande de porc and. Creée aux Etats-Unis à la fin des années 1930, c’est pendant en après la Seconde Guerre Mondiale que sa popularité explose à travers le monde.

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Quel got a le spam ? Le spam a un goût assez sale, ce qui l’a aussi popularisée en Corée du Sud, car cela équilibre les plats composés d’aliments sucrés. La saveur dominant est proche du jambon.

How much debt is Hormel?

Hormel Foods Annual Long-Term Debt (Millions US$)

Is Hormel a good long-term investment? Hormel’s payout ratio has clearly increased over the past decade, meaning its dividend has grown faster than underlying earnings or free cash flow growth. The 10-year average net income payout ratio is 40.2% with the 5-year average of 47.0%.

Is Hormel a good stock to buy? Hormel Foods Corporation – Sales valuation statistics show that Hormel Foods Corporation can be fairly valued. The value score of C indicates that it would be a neutral choice for value investors.

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