July 28, 2022

The question that comes to everyone’s mind when they want to buy a fermenter is: Has anyone used a glass beverage dispenser? If so, why not? The answer is, “Yes.”

First of all, the glass drink dispenser looks good. It looks nice on the kitchen counter or home bar. The wide opening design keeps the pulp out of your glass. It also comes with a stainless steel tip, which is important because the pH level of kombucha is low, so plastic tips can wear out quickly. A stainless steel cap is much better for the continuous cooking method.

Second, vending machines are an inexpensive solution for large gatherings. A good one will hold a gallon of liquids, including juice and flavored water. The glass infuser dispenser can hold multiple drinks, such as flavored water and fruit drinks, without the risk of spilling or breaking the fermenter. This device comes with a board to indicate which drinks you prepare and where.

Besides wine kefir grains, another great fermentation vessel is a canning jar. A canning jar is cheap, but you need to make sure it has wide openings to increase oxygen flow. You can also use recycled pickle jars to store fermented goods. Finally, the spigot glass beverage dispenser makes bottling and continuous brewing of kombucha a breeze.

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