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October 7, 2022

Gordon Brothers and TAGeX Brands, one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of finishing equipment for restaurants, foodservice retailers, supermarkets and convenience stores, have formed a strategic partnership to provide Complete real estate services and equipment to support the food service industry, including bulk purchasing. property and real estate. Together, Gordon Brothers and TAGeX Brands bring decades of real estate experience to help clients and partners find new real estate locations; negotiate, renegotiate and terminate leases; and finding, acquiring, purchasing and managing equipment and inventory. “Gordon Brothers and TAGeX Brands share a commitment to the highest quality and best value for our customers,” said Tom Pedulla, President, Real Estate at Gordon Brothers. “Our strategic partnership improves infrastructure; it increases the surplus resources and the value of the goods; it also reuses machinery and equipment while promoting sustainability in the industry. ” “Our partnership with Gordon Brothers gives us the opportunity to deal with the remaining resources and assets quickly so that we can increase the amount of capital and provide fast guaranteed results for our customers and partners,” said said Neal Sherman, Founder and CEO of TAGeX Brands. “We look forward to continuing to work together to solve the unique challenges facing today’s food service industry.” Gordon Brothers invests in strong value-add opportunities, including distressed, temporary and excess commercial real estate. The firm offers a variety of equity strategies, including acquisitions, joint venture investments and sales pitches. Gordon Brothers offers a variety of credit policies to their owners, including and senior loans, bridging loans and secondary financing. In addition to its real estate investment platform, Gordon Brothers offers a variety of real estate services such as restructuring and liquidation, lease renewal, property selection, from house and buildings. tment augmentation, portfolio reviews and real estate sales.

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