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February 2, 2023

The Food Service Exchange offers outstanding savings on the industry’s best brands.

The Food Service Exchange is the only marketplace for all the items you need to run your restaurant. Our website offers a vast selection of equipment from all the major foodservice brands, including name-brand brands like Hoshizaki, Viking, True Manufacturing and Maxx Ice. It has more than 10,000 products on its site (including food service equipment, supplies and technology) from over 50 suppliers.

We offer savings of up to 70% on brand name appliances and equipment like:

  • Fridge & Freezer
  • Ovens & Stovetops
  • Self-Cleaning Racks
  • Ice Cream Machines
  • Fruit & Vegetable Preparing Equipment
  • Baking Pans & Bundt Tins

We make it easy to buy through our online store or by phone with our friendly sales staff. Order online now!  You’ll also find helpful information about dishwashers and any questions you may have about buying equipment in our FAQ page. Call us at 800-700-9494 or email us. We look forward to serving all your restaurant needs!

The Food Service Exchange sources over 10,000 products from over 50 suppliers.

The Food Service Exchange offers consumers savings on the industry’s best brands. We source over 100,000 products, including foodservice equipment, supplies and technology, from over 500 suppliers. The exchange helps businesses of all sizes save money on their food service equipment and supplies with free two-day shipping across the U.S.

The Food Service Exchange provides a one-stop shopping experience for business owners who need to purchase thousands of dollars’ worth of restaurant equipment every month or year.

With an online catalog filled with popular brands like Hoshizaki and True Manufacturing, the exchange helps business owners make educated decisions about their purchases and get the best deals for their money.

The Food Service Exchange offers a wide variety of foodservice equipment, supplies and technology.

In order to maximize efficiency and ROI, you will need to make sure that your customers understand what they are buying, how it works and how much they can expect to pay for the product. What would happen if your customers realized that cleaning tools were available in one place? This is just one example of how not only you can market your product but also how to market yourself. The Food Service Exchange solves this problem by providing an inventory of foodservice equipment at lower cost than competitors, while also offering wholesale pricing on all items and free shipping on select orders above $50!


The Food Service Exchange is the perfect place to find all your restaurant equipment needs.


Every day, there are thousands of people who use our site for the first time, either to look for the equipment they need or to buy the equipment they need.

Why do restaurants need food service equipment? It’s simple: money saves money on food! We all agree on that one! But what about when it comes time to pay the bill? Restaurants spend an average of $4,000 per year on food service supplies — compared with just $3 per person at home! And between having good food and not making a dent in the budget (and paying in cash!), every dollar counts. That means more money left over each month — which means more savings! So where can you save big? Here are some ideas:

  • Plates & dishes — From disposable plates you’ve never used before over prepackaged meals you don’t want anymore, there’s no better place than Food Service Exchange’s Tableware section looking for top deals on everything from knives and forks up through cutting boards and dishwashers.
  • Cookware — Whether it’s a new pressure cooker passing through its first few uses or something brand new like a set of rack-mount pans, we’ve got tons of great deals here as well as guides from some industry experts. For those times when you’re ready for something more substantial, such as cast iron skillets or casserole dishes, Food Service Exchange has all the accessories you need!

    • Baking equipment — What about when you need to bake a baked good for Christmas Passover? Food Service Exchange has you covered.


Conclusion: The Food Service Exchange is the new marketplace for all your restaurant equipment needs.

The FSX is the first US-based online marketplace for certified foodservice equipment and supplies. It lists over 10,000 products from over 50 suppliers — many of which have been in operation for decades.

This marketplace has been around for several years now, but it only just became a real contender in its own right.