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September 29, 2022

When growing lettuce, keeping it fresh is important, so it should be refrigerated after harvest. Refrigeration extends the product’s shelf life by several days. Broccoli, for example, began to turn yellow in six days when stored at 55 degrees F. In contrast, it took 35 days to yellow at 32ºF.

Lettuce has many uses. It is often used in salads, burgers and Asian pastries. It is a versatile ingredient with good nutrition. Lettuce can be eaten raw or in many recipes. It also makes a great wrap for Asian hand rolls.

Commercial lettuce is often packaged in a modified atmosphere that slows the ripening rate. This atmosphere is beneficial for lettuce, because it reduces respiration and the negative effects of ethylene. However, it can cause injuries if the CO2 concentration in whole heads is higher than five percent.

The ideal time to harvest lettuce is when the leaves and stems have reached the right size. This is the best time to harvest lettuce, as it retains freshness and lasts longer. If you harvest lettuce too late, it may wilt and become unusable. The early harvest allows the harvest team to remove bad leaves, which are more common in the summer months. This product is shipped refrigerated and packaged for sale.

If you are growing lettuce commercially, there are certain steps you must take to ensure the best quality and flavor. One of the most important steps is choosing the right variety. There are several varieties of lettuce, and some are more heat tolerant than others.

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