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September 28, 2022

The automatic defrost function is a device built into freezers and refrigerators to remove frost that accumulates inside. The device has heating elements and a fan on the compressor that runs periodically to heat the cabinet and remove ice. The water then drains into a container at the top of the compressor, where it evaporates.

The main benefit of an automatic defrost refrigeration system is that it requires less maintenance than a manual defrost system. With manual defrosting, you must turn off the appliance until the ice has melted. In this way, you can maintain a more constant temperature in your refrigerator.

Commercial refrigerators and freezers should have three or four defrost cycles per day. You should be able to set specific times for each cycle. When the defrost cycle is started, the heating coils should be able to defrost themselves in fifteen to twenty minutes. However, it is important to ensure that the automatic defrost controls are checked and serviced regularly. You should also make sure the drain line and coils are free of water and ice.

Commercial refrigerators with automatic defrost functions can prevent ice from forming inside. They are usually equipped with a frying pan below. Melted frost from the inside wall of the refrigerator drains into the pan. If your refrigerator does not have this automatic feature, you must defrost it manually if you notice that it has built-in ice.

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