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January 18, 2023

Cecilware coffee station manual

Every five minutes, a new restaurant or club opens in Lagos. It’s enough, abeg. How many food man wan chop? We need other options for places to go and things to do. So Lagos, please, give us these things in 2023.

Cecilware coffee station manual Botanical gardens 

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Instead of yet another park that’ll be neglected, Lagos should give us a botanical garden. I don’t care where they want to get the money from, but they should do it. See, everyone who’s planning to open a restaurant or club this year should come together and combine their money to give us a big, beautiful botanic garden, like the one in Capetown.

Cecilware coffee station manual A rage room

Lagosians are always angry and transferring aggression because we have no way of releasing the anger. Give us one or two rage rooms where we can vent and maybe everyone would be a little bit happier. 

Cecilware coffee station manual Another arcade

Lagos is too populated for there to be just two proper arcades. It’s not every time people want to eat fancy tasteless food. Sometimes, they want to play Pac-Man or Whac-a-Mole, but they can’t, because there’s no arcade nearby. 

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Cecilware coffee station manual A free beach

Instead of making us pay to sit down, it’ll be better for Lagos beach owners to carry guns and rob us directly. We need new beaches in Lagos that don’t charge us for every little thing and have more to offer than expensive alcohol and overpriced food. 

Cecilware coffee station manual An amusement park

The  good amusement park we have in Lagos is situated in Ibeju-Lekki, practically Ogun state if we’re being honest. And it doesn’t have a lot of interesting rides that make your heart enter your mouth. We deserve a proper amusement park where people can go and play like children, scream and release adrenaline. And please, let it not have some outrageous fee. 

Cecilware coffee station manual VR reality rooms

We need more VR places in Lagos. Partying and drinking aren’t the only escapes from reality. People would pay good money to temporarily escape the constraints of the real world to a world where nothing is impossible.  Lagos, please, do better.  

Cecilware coffee station manual Selfie museums 

A selfie museum is a picture lover (and influencer)’s dream. A place with perfect lighting, backdrops, themed sections, props, etc., where people can take perfect pictures and videos. Content creators will finish their money in this place, and others will go just for the fun of taking nice photos. We need one in Lagos ASAP.

Cecilware coffee station manual Skydiving and bungee jumping spots

The only problem is Nigerians may not go to a bungee jumping spot in Lagos because they’ll use cheap ropes that’ll cut and kill them. But it’s a euphoria-inducing type of fun, and Lagos people love anything that can make them feel “high”.

Cecilware coffee station manual Zoo

In this big Lagos, how do we not have a Zoo? I’m not talking about all those mini zoos with starving animals. Imagine a big ass one with a variety of animals, an aquarium, a park for picnics, play areas, gift shops, etc. We deserve better than a conservation centre with five monkeys. 

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Cecilware coffee station manual You’ll like this

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Cecilware coffee station manual cnn lekki

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Cecilware coffee station manual Z! Stacks

Here’s a rabbit hole of stories to lose yourself in:

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